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Contemporary Research Paper Topics for Criminal Justice Class

It is easy to see the enormous surge in popularity of students wishing to study criminal justice in all its many forms. Such studies can obviously be a part of any legal career for lawyers and articled clerks but the subjects involved in the criminal justice system can also be studied in psychology, sociology and other social science degrees. What is indisputable is the increased number of students showing a strong desire to study in these areas. College handbooks show a new and developing range of subjects and courses involving the study of crime, criminals, the courts and justice.

Why is it so? That can be a little more difficult to answer but certainly the involvement of lifestyle and crime in the real world has become of great interest to many people. The topic of illegal drugs springs to mind. Today there are far more illegal substances and production and distribution of these wares on a national and even global scale. This creates new laws, new agencies and new social consequences. That in turn creates more interest in academic studies of these topics. Many young people see it as a career path in dealing with people who become involved in the criminal justice system. The number of graduate and postgraduate courses available within the criminal justice area has never been greater.

One significant advantage of being interested and wishing to study subjects in the criminal justice area is that much of the relevant research material is contemporary. With so many academics making a study of different aspects of criminal justice, any student wishing to find a research paper topic can be swamped with relevant and worthwhile research material.

For a student looking for research paper topics in the area of criminal justice, the range of topics has never been greater. First of all there are a significant number of major topics and then within each major topic there are many spinoffs or lesser topics. For example as far as criminal justice topics are concerned here is a list of possibilities.

  1. Criminal activity and the age of criminals.
  2. The availability of firearms and their relationship to violent crime.
  3. Changes in immigration and changes in the rate of criminal activity.
  4. Violence in video games and the growth of violent criminal activity.
  5. The changes in criminal activity according to the gender of the criminals.

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