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Creative research paper topic ideas for high school

Coming up with creative research paper topic ideas for high school can seem like a challenge. If you are assigned a research paper, and given the freedom to select a topic on your own, you have been given a gift. Truly, the opportunity to pick a topic yourself is great. Most of the time you are asked to write on a specific topic, with no leeway. You have to write about something that isn’t really your passion, or something that you don’t really care about. But when you get to choose the topic, you can pick something that you love. You can pick something that you have always wanted to research, or something you saw and wanted to learn more about but just never had the time.

Picking creative research paper topics means finding a topic that you really love. Pick something that interests you, and then take the time to brainstorm what you know about the topic and what you need to know still. Figure out what questions someone might ask about the topic. See if there are any controversies surrounding the topic. Ask yourself if there is an aspect to your topic that has never before been talked about, or at least not talked about enough.

If you are unsure of what topic to select, you should try and pick something that you love. Look over the list below and see if anything stands out. This list is meant to guide you. It should serve as a starting off point from which you find a topic that you like best. If you are searching for topics related to arts and music consider these:

  • Can art or music therapy be used to treat different mental or health disorders? If so, evaluate the effectiveness
  • Has modern cinema seen a film noir revival as of late?
  • The impact of technology of social skills
  • The impact of technology on the brain and development
  • Which parenting style is best
  • Should people avoid positive reinforcement for children because of the egos they develop as they get older?
  • Should the death penalty be enforced around the world?
  • Should the UN be given different powers for dealing with criminals?
  • Should the United States be given more international rights as the world police officer?
  • What measures can improve the financial situation in the European Union?

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