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Common rules for the proper use of research paper formats

The academic writing style you use for your research paper will almost always be selected for you in advance by your teacher or lecturer. This can lift a weight off your shoulders as it means you don’t need to go through them all and decide which one suits your purposes best. Each format will, however, have rules for you to follow and they all differ a little. Here are some of the rules you should keep in mind:

Forget juvenile fonts

Any font that can be described as cute or whimsical has no place in your academic papers. This remains true regardless of how well it complements your personality or fills you with a sense of wellbeing. In addition, fonts that are very ornate cannot be used. Think of something as plain as Times New Roman. Preferably size 12.

Leave adequate margins

Most styles are very clear about how large the margins need to be and where they should be located. Find the guidebook or website that corresponds to the style you’ve been advised to use. It should state all of this clearly.

Number your pages

This can be accomplished almost automatically. The trick is knowing where the numbers should go and if your name should precede them in the style you’re working in.

Cite all works

Once you mention or even allude to a piece of work in your writing you will need to give the author or authors credit. This is completely non negotiable regardless of style. The thing that might vary is the order of the information but generally you will be required to put in the names of the authors and the publication as well as the year of release.

Get a template

While those general aspects will need to be included, the best way to get all of this done when you’re unsure is to rely on a template. There are templates available for free that relate to all different styles. They can save you massive amounts of time and lead to a more professional looking research paper with minimal effort.

These helpful hints are only as useful as you make them. Test them out a few times before you actually need to use them on a paper that matters to you. This will make them familiar to you when they need to be.

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