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Seven Suggestions On How To Compose A Research Paper On Modern Technology

Our world today is probably most defined by its technology which can be found at every location that contains people. Humans depend heavily on machinery for many reasons and this helps to drive developments even faster. Here are seven suggestions on how to compose a research paper on modern technology.

  1. Interview engineers
  2. Engineers are usually the first people that interact with new machinery. They are often required to teach themselves about new inventions or attend training programs. Visit any engineer and inquire about the latest cutting edge technology that they have had to install or maintain. This will be first hand experience by trained professionals and so can prove crucial in understanding more recent developments in their fields.

  3. Read magazines
  4. There are magazines dedicated to informing the public of new machinery. These magazines will contain technical guides and reviews by famous or highly qualified persons and can be a great source of information pertaining to new devices.

  5. Interview the general public
  6. When new inventions are made, the next step is usually to market it to the public. Though, most will not be highly knowledgeable about the finer intricacies of these new inventions, they will be familiar with the applications and uses of most. In fact, the public is usually the source of new ideas used by inventors to develop many new devices.

  7. Visit leading universities
  8. Universities conduct their own research and development projects and are often at the forefront of cutting edge innovations. Visit a large university and inquire what they’re developing today. It can very well be the newest bit of technology that hasn’t been released yet.

  9. Investigate the demands of the industrial world
  10. As we become more dependent on technology, our needs also grow. By considering the needs of the industrial world, one can get a good approximation on what new devices and machinery may be required or developed in the future.

  11. Discuss the effects of dependence
  12. Many people cannot survive a day without their smart phone or tablet. This dependency is fairly recent and is often a cause of great concern to parents. Discuss the effects of this behavior on the development of new devices.

  13. Investigate ideas presented by science fiction
  14. Science fiction has influenced many inventions and continue to do so even today. The public is often very interested in acquiring some of the devices displayed on television and can provide good insight on the future of technology.

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