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Speaking on recent events: global warming topics for research paper

Global warming has been concern for academic scholars and environmental scientist for a long time now. Every other day you get to hear about some environmentalist movement or conference-taking place in some corner of the world. When you learn that global warming has always been the hot topic under discussion at any dinner or formal meeting you automatically want to become a part of the phenomenon.

So just like any other essay you can build upon global warming and write an award winning paper given, you have the resources to implement your ideas.

Global Warming Essay Topics:

Therefore, I have divided the topics into 4 categories:

  • Argumentative Essays
  • You can either criticize certain global practices that are affecting our environment. You can shed light on their negative impacts and why are people ignorant about them How would you create awareness and how can you contribute towards healing the planet from the damaging effects of global warming. Build up an argument that is strong and backed up with facts and stats.

  • Cause and Effect Essays
  • Such essays are usually about certain practices or actions that have a cause and effect relationship with global warming. Like one thing is responsible for the other and it’s an ongoing process which leads to mass level environmental destruction. You can propose preventive measures and start movements for corrective actions and damage control. Such essays usually start with a hypothetical situation or story to make it more intriguing and preach clarity.

  • Historical Essays
  • Such essays have little to do with your personal analysis and judgments. You usually pick up some historical issue and give a very comprehensive account on how the world has been suffering long before a certain era came. Such essays require heavy referencing and must be loaded with stats and figures. It is perfectly fine if you start with a story.

  • Recent Events:
  • Such essays are about latest happenings all around the world. For instance, you write a paper about a recent volcanic eruption or solar storm that is about to happen in near future. You make certain predictions and assumptions.

For example:

  1. How are the current happenings in the arctic affecting the food supply in the region?
  2. What does the latest research say about the rising sea level in various regions of the world?

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