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10 Great Topics for a Psychology Research Paper

If you cannot decide on an original and interesting topic for your psychology research paper, look at the following list. These ten ideas will definitely inspire you to create an essay you can be proud of.

  1. Should the law hold people who suffer from dissociative personality disorder responsible for their actions?
  2. Explain what dissociative personality disorder is and how severe this condition can be. Offer some examples of the cases where the crimes were committed by people suffering from this condition. How were they judged? Are they truly responsible for their actions?

  3. Symptoms and dangers of stress.
  4. People today are aware that being overstressed is dangerous. In this paper, you need to explain why exactly it is so. Describe how stress affects a person’s mind. Warn the readers about the permanent changes this condition can lead to and tell them how to treat the ones that can be fixed.

  5. What makes people fall in love?
  6. This essay should aim to explain what love is and how this feeling occurs. Why do people love some and not the others? Can this emotion be controlled or induced?

  7. Consequences of child abuse.
  8. Study some statistics in order to find out what happens to children who have been severely abused when they grow up. Draw some parallels and identify the potential risks of child abuse.

  9. Is dream control possible?
  10. Study the research in this field and offer some of your personal ideas. Support your arguments with solid scientific evidence if you want your paper to be taken seriously.

  11. Everyday life of a person suffering from social anxiety disorder.
  12. Start with defining this disorder and listing the symptoms that people suffering from it exhibit on a daily basis. How does this affect their daily routine?

  13. Stages of psychological development in men and women.
  14. Identify these stages and point out their differences and similarities. Explain why the differences exist and how they influence the relationship between genders.

  15. What makes people perceptive?
  16. Explain what perception is and how it’s different from foresight. Identify the reasons that make people perceptive and determine why some are more perceptive than others.

  17. Different parenting styles.
  18. Identify several parenting styles, compare them and highlight all the pros and cons of each. Does such a thing as a perfect parenting style exist?

  19. Is it possible to completely conquer a phobia?
  20. Try to identify the reasons behind phobias and determine the extent of their “psychological roots”. How does this irrational fear affect the patient’s personality? What would be the result of removing it completely?

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