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Style Manual

There are various things one should do and check in order to avoid getting scammed when purchasing a research paper. One of the things is to check to see that the paper follows the method prescribed by a Style Manual such as ‘The American Psychological Association Style Manual’ or ‘The Modern Language Association Publication Manual’. Other style manuals that may be used are’ The Chicago Manual of Style’ or Strunk and White’s, ‘The Element of Style’. The student may check to see whether the proper style manual was used. The APA manual is usually used for social educational pursuits such as Psychology, Counseling, Sociology, Criminology, Health Sciences or other while The MLA Style Manual is usually used for literary academic pursuits such as Humanities, Literature, History, Philosophy, etc.


The student would be good to do a search, possibly on several search engines for the source of his research paper. The student would be good to research his subject by doing a cross comparison of websites that offer research papers on the topic for which he is looking. The student would be good to find a reputable website by investigating the website’s record on research paper sales, both in general and on that topic.

The student would be good to check the references and bibliography listed in the paper. The student should also read the paper thoroughly for cogency, factual data, and references.

The student should check to be sure the research paper is in ethical and legal alignment with the regulatory agency of that field, be it law, psychology, criminology, economics, accounting, or whichever field the research paper may be written on. When experiments or research is conducted, it is important that the rights of the persons concerned be protected, both for participants and contributing parties.

The student should watch for fancy double talk. Clear simple language is best; language designed so that the layman can understand. The paper should follow the formal theme development as outlined in the manual that is followed. Generally a thesis statement opens the research paper with ensuing arguments being developed in each of the following paragraphs. Each paragraph should begin by a topic sentence with the argument being developed in the body of the paragraph. Each paragraph should flow and develop from the previous paragraph.

The student should check that these things are in order; basically that the research paper meets the classic criteria for any essay or research paper.

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