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Need An Original Term Paper: Worn Out Topics To Avoid

If you want to do an original term paper, you have to do your research on all the topics and subjects that you have covered in the class that year and make a list of potential topics.  Once you have these topics you can start your research and see which one that you want to use for your term paper.  If you want it to be original, then you should ask your instructor about past topics that have been done and ask them about some ideas that you might have for your topic.  They will be able to tell you if it is a good topic or one that you have heard over and over again.

You might get lucky and your instructor might have already give the class a list of topics to choose from but most schools have you pick your own topic because you are an adult now and you can do it on your own.  The reason that most term papers fail is because the student picks a topic that the reader has already a strong opinion on and no matter what you say it won’t change there mind.  This means you should pick hot button topics that have been debated in the news recently or anything that might offend the reader.  I know it’s college and you want to do a controversial topic, which is find sometimes but you have to pick the right topic.  It’s easy to pick an original topic if you just look at past work done on the topic you want to do.  If you find that your topic has been done over and over again, then pick a new one.  Here is a list of general topics that you should avoid with any paper you write.  And anything that has to do with them.

Topics To Avoid

  • The number one topic is abortion.  There is too much debate on it and it’s been overdone.
  • Another overdone topic is stem cell research, yeah it is a great advancement in science but it has become boring.
  • Same sex marriage is another one, we are making change with this one but the topic is also overworked.
  • Marijuana legalization, no one wants to hear about this topic anymore because the debate has become annoying.
  • Gun control, this debate is too controversial for your term paper.
  • And lastly, the death penalty, it doesn’t matter what side your one the topic has been done too many times.

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