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Looking For An Example Of A Research Paper Methods Section

The methods section of your research paper will discuss your methods used in proving your thesis statement. Some things that might be listed may be surveys, interviews, or case studies. The methods you use depend on you and on your topic. This page can be difficult to write if you have never written one before now. It has to be simple, precise, and thoroughly composed. Using a sample while you write this section of your composition will be helpful. Use our tips when you are looking for an example of a research paper methods section.

Tips for Looking for an Example Methods Section

  • See your advisor - go to visit your advisor and ask to see any samples he or she might have. You probably can’t take the sample that fits your needs with you, but ask if you can take a photo of it. You can refer to the photo as you compose your piece.

  • Ask a peer - if you have a peer who is a good writer and has written his or her document before; ask them if you can use the piece. Make sure to explain why you need it. Your friend needs to know that you are not using it for submission, but instead for a model while writing.

  • Use a writing company - it you want immediate expert help just hire a writing company. They will allow you to see a sample for mirroring your document. Make sure you stress that you do not need a custom method paper, but instead want once for reference. Anything custom will be much more expensive to get access to than a model piece

  • Do a keyword online search - when looking for an example of a research paper methods section, do an Internet key word search. As with any time you find online help, make sure it is correctly written. Using a bad model for guidance will give you bad results. Stick to business or academic sites, rather than unknown compositions.

  • Use a writing reference book - go to the bookstore or the media center and get a reference book on writing. Such books will contain directions and samples of every kind of writing in existence. Remember that in most libraries, you are not allowed to borrow the reference books. You may have to make photocopy of the pages you need for writing your section.

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