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Top 25 American History Term Paper Ideas You Should Consider

The history of the United States of America after European Settlement has been well documented. This gives students of the subject a wide range of topics to explore in the creation of term papers. Here are just a few to jump start your imagination:

  1. How has the legacy of Jim Crow and segregation impacted the lives of African Americans today?
  2. Does the level of hysterical religious fervour that led to the Salem witch hunts continue in modern times?
  3. To what extent is the Thanksgiving story fictional?
  4. How much of Theodore Roosevelt’s accomplishments should actually be attributed to his wife?
  5. How did the American style of capitalism evolve from the puritan work ethic of the first European settlers?
  6. To what extent can the birth of rock and roll be attributed to the works of Elvis Presley?
  7. How did the assassination of John F. Kennedy affect the way the Secret Service operates?
  8. To what extent has the criminalisation of both opium and marijuana been motivated by racial discrimination in the United States?
  9. How did Harriet Tubman and other women of colour contribute to the women’s rights movement?
  10. How did the actions of Harvey Milk lead to greater acceptance of homosexuality in America and worldwide?
  11. Did the American capitalist drive lead to the development of the World Wide Web?
  12. Given America’s own history as a colony, can a case be made for America to colonise failed states around the world?
  13. Given their shared history as hinterlands of settlement, could America benefit from adopting Australia’s stance on gun control?
  14. Based on the fact that most of America's population is derived from other countries, is it hypocritical to discourage immigrants in modern times?
  15. Have historical barriers to upward social mobility for people of colour been removed?
  16. Are the violent crimes perpetuated in America part of a wider history of violence that perpetuates itself?
  17. Could the American North have survived the cessation of the South in the Civil War?
  18. What elements of the carnival freak show survive in the American entertainment industry?
  19. What parallels exist between the prohibition of alcohol and the illegal status of marijuana?
  20. To what extent have Native Americans been compensated for the seizure of their land?

Try any of these out and feel free to blend them as you see fit.

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