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Term Paper Bibliography: What Format Should One Choose

Winding down the Course

End-of-the-semester or end-of-the-term papers are one of the most feared and focused on writing compositions produced during a student’s course load career. Undergraduate university students are the usual suspects of their instructor’s premeditated plot to issue a comprehensive list of guidelines and requirements needed to be fulfilled and turned in on or before the set deadline date. Although tiresome and irritable, the students have no choice, other than ‘biting the bullet’ and making all of the necessary actions to do just as they’re told. Then, it so often occurs during the student’s process of completing the assignment, that it sooner becomes a question of how to properly organize their term paper, so as to avoid point deduction in the accumulation of their overall final grade. So as if to further prevent any disaster, the student hurriedly seeks out the advice of fellow pupils or the campus’ local tutoring services. If those surprisingly do not produce any results, the student volunteers to be the spokesman for their peers, in asking the instructor. This spin of a press conference occurs at the start or during the end of the class. Now, in doing so, the student understands the risk he/she faces, as there are instructors who, like clockwork, do one of three things. First, the instructor can provide an explanation to the question in form of an answer. Second, the instructor can provide a nonsensically vague interpretation of the answer. And, third, the instructor can become increasing upset and goes into a tantrum about not asking him/her before when the assignment was issued. A mixed bag of sorts if you will.

Setting Things Straight

Despite the fact, that students usually have no say in what the demeanor of their instructor will be like, they do have a say in seeing the record set straight. The term paper composition’s reference page greatly depends on the format used to write the paper. For example, an MLA format greatly differs from an APA format. If the term paper is written for a liberal arts course, such as Introduction to English Literature, the MLA format would be used. The reference page for this type of paper would be called a Works Cited page. The Works Cited page is the last page of the paper, in which the alphabetical listing of literature used is included.

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