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The 20 Best Environmental Term Paper Topics To Consider

Recent reports have hinted that the planet is in far more dire straits than was previously estimated. Staid professionals who are not normally given to hysteria appear quite concerned. If you study the environment and are in need of a term paper topic, inspiration abounds. Here are 20 excellent ones:

  1. The likely effects long-term effects of the use of hydraulic fracturing as a means of extracting hard to reach oil deposits.
  2. Climate change: The last remnants of an argument that human intervention is not to blame.
  3. Green Architecture: Using waste and soil to make the stable, carbon neutral buildings of the future.
  4. Earth and other planets: How the environment of other heavenly bodies could be made more suited to terrestrial life.
  5. Reversing the signs: How radically would life have to change for most Earth inhabitants to ensure the rehabilitation of the planet’s eco-systems?
  6. Insect protein: A new method of eating that could free acres of grazing land up for reforestation.
  7. Retrofitting vs Green Building: Methods of reducing the carbon footprint of the construction industry.
  8. Would planetary wellbeing be more enhanced by nation’s being taxed for their emissions by volume or per capita?
  9. How does planned obsolescence correlate with the existence of overburdened landfills worldwide?
  10. Is the attempt to preserve endangered species at times a greater threat to biodiversity than the extinction itself?
  11. In what ways is the concept of environmental preservation intimately linked with that of poverty reduction and alleviation?
  12. Should cryptozoology be treated as a more serious branch of the field of environmental science?
  13. In what ways have canines benefited from or been weakened by human intervention throughout their evolutionary process via selective breeding?
  14. How harmful is genetic modification to wild versions of plants?
  15. How can natural resources be more sustainably used after peak oil is achieved and decline sets in worldwide?
  16. How can environmental science be introduced to children throughout their school years?
  17. Wilderness therapy: How appreciation of the natural environment can be used to ease some of the phobias caused by city life.
  18. Unamusement parks: How the desire for entertainment leads to the kidnapping of unsuspecting marine life and the disruption of functional ecosystems.
  19. Alternative transport: The effects a switch to human powered vehicles would have on emissions worldwide.
  20. New vs old: Encouraging a culture of repair rather than replace.

Try them at your leisure. At least one should suit your purposes.

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