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Brainstorming Fresh Ideas For An Argumentative Research Paper

Now that information about nearly every topic can be found online, teachers are no longer assigning informative research papers. The only research paper styles that teachers are assigning are argumentative and persuasive because students have to use the information they find online to prove a unique point. Since argumentative research papers are assigned so frequently, students have difficulty coming up with fresh ideas for their papers.

Here a few tips to help you brainstorm unique ideas:

Go local. Most argumentative research papers look at topics from a global perspective. You can take topics about global issues like global warming, infectious diseases, and starvation and look at them from a local point of view. Your argument can discuss what community leaders should do to put an end to these problems in your area.

Look at local issues in a larger perspective. Just like you can take big issues and shrink them, you can take local issues and look at how they affect more than just your community. For example, if your community has a large water feature, you can look at how abuse of that water feature affects other water features. Rivers have to empty into larger bodies of water, so your community could be polluting far away communities. If your community has industries that pollute the air, you could look at how the pollution affects places that are hundreds of miles away from your town.

Visualize the future. When you create an argumentative research paper, you are trying to prove a point. There is nothing wrong with trying to argue a point that has not happened yet. For example, you could look at the effects of social media on the way the human body evolves. You could also look at how using laptops and other devices that cause people to hunch could affect the future of physical therapy and medical procedures. By thinking beyond the here and now, you can create interesting topics that might not have been argued yet.

Take an old topic and put a new spin on it. Some of the most interesting research papers look at the trite, overused topics, like the two-party political system or eating a vegetarian diet and create new arguments. For example, you could argue that eating a vegetarian diet actually harms the planet, because of the way that plants are grown. You could also argue that the opposite political parties will never agree to disagree, so they should each develop their own nations and elect the rulers that fit their beliefs. The argumentative topic might be a bit unusual, but proving it will be rather enjoyable.

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