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How To Rewrite A Sample Research Paper Using The Chicago Formatting Rules

If you have been asked to write a research paper using Chicago formatting rules, but you accidentally used the wrong rules, then you may wish to rewrite what you have done so as to create a piece of work that has been formatted correctly. Alternatively, there are many other reasons as to why you might need to rewrite a piece of work using Chicago formatting rules. For example, it may simply be the case that you were unaware that you had to use any formatting rules at the time, and subsequently found out that you need to change what you had written.

The following will help you to understand what you need to do in order to rewrite your sample research paper.

Understanding Chicago formatting rules

Before you can start rewriting your paper, will first need to be aware of what the Chicago formatting rules are. The easiest way to understand the rules is to use an official guide, which will outline the globally recognized rules the Chicago formatting, and can be bought online, or purchased in printed format.

Checking the citations and references

One of the most important things when it comes to any formatting style guide is to ensure that the citations and references are included correctly. In fact, even if you do not need to use a formatting style when writing your paper, citations and references are still an essential part of the work, and can help to avoid being accused of plagiarism whenever you include quotes or other content from different sources that you have not written yourself.

Each of the different style manuals will refer to how to include citations and therefore it is important that you check the rules relating to Chicago formatting style, so as to ensure that they each of your citations is written correctly.

Checking the layout of your work

As with other formatting guides, Chicago style will require you to include various layout instructions as part of the work. For example, you will need to include the correct margins, the correct line spacing, and a range of other different requirements. Also, when it comes to Chicago style, as well as how you structure the appearance of your work, you may also wish to check any details relating to what fonts you should use, what size the text should be, how to create titles appropriately, and other important details.

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