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Keep in Time and Find Some Current Research Paper Topics

It is important that you keep up to date with current affairs and choose the current research paper topics for a number of reasons. The first reason is because of the availability of research material. If it's a current topic there'll almost certainly be a considerable amount of reference material online and in traditional newspapers and magazines.

The second reason is because if it is a current topic you research and write about then it's easy to avoid the trap of writing about something which the whole world has chosen already. Think of your teacher or professor. They are the ones who have to read and mark your paper. If they are required to read yet another research paper on a topic which has been done to death, their concentration may suffer. Conversely if you come up with a contemporary topic, provided you write well of course, it stands to reason that they will be excited by your approach and look forward to actually reading your topic.

The third reason about keeping up-to-date and choosing a current research paper topic is because of their often controversial nature. When it comes to politics and affairs of state not to mention important lifestyle changes, it is easy for people to become divided as to what they believe is right or wrong. This type of topic is ideal for a research paper. This type of topic gives you the opportunity to take one side of the argument and build a case. You can also tackle the opposite side of the argument and this will further build your chances of getting a really high score.

So for those reasons and others it is sensible and smart to look for current research paper topics. The beauty of doing this is that current topics are easy to find and to research. Here are a few suggested topics you may wish to consider.

  1. Has the West contributed to the spread and development of terrorism?
  2. Will the advocates of gun control ever persuade politicians to enact legislation?
  3. Binge drinking has become popular among some young people. Why is this so and are there any long-term side effects?
  4. Should the government become even more strict when it comes to airport security?
  5. Despite the massive investment in fighting illegal drugs, discuss whether or not the government has been successful in the war against these drugs.

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