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Where To Look For A Free Example Of A Research Proposal Paper

A research proposal paper is a brief description of the study you’re conducting. It explains the purpose and significance of your research, the questions it’s going to answer and the methods you’re applying. In short, it gives your readers an idea of what you’re doing and whether it’s worth it. Usually, a proposal should be no longer than 2,500 words.

Although writing a paper like this seems not so difficult, it may make you wonder what a perfect research proposal should look like. The best way to know it is to take a look at some samples of proposal papers and compare it to the one you wrote. This is when another problem arises: where can you possible find a free example of one?

Option # 1: Searching Online

The first thing you probably have in mind when looking for something is the Internet, as it seems to be the place you can find nearly anything. Indeed, you can find some free samples of proposal papers if you know where to look for. Here are the places you can check:

  • Students help websites.
  • The Internet is full of websites designed for college and university students. Many of them are free and offer a wide range of templates of different academic papers. Besides, you may find some useful tips on formatting your proposal.

  • Students forums
  • Checking out forums for students might also help. You can meet some fellow students and ask them for a sample of their proposal paper or for a link to a website where you can find one.

  • Website of your college or university.
  • Your educational establishment may provide some recommendations on how to write a research proposal along with some examples.

  • Websites of other universities.
  • If your alma mater failed to provide you with guidelines on composing a proposal paper, check the websites of other universities. Some of them might offer examples of how certain pieces of proposal papers are to be written.

Option # 2: Searching Offline

If you don’t have access to the Internet for some reason, of if you failed to find what you need on the Web, here are some other things you can do:

  • Check your campus library.
  • Some libraries own databases with all sorts of academic papers. Find out if your library has anything of this kind.

  • Ask your research supervisor for help.
  • Asking your supervisor can be the best option since he or she works for your educational establishment and knows the requirements your college or university has.

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