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Composing Great Topics for Sports Research Papers

Finding a sports topic for your research paper can be a challenge because you want to find a topic that hasn’t been done before you might want to look at a topic that has been done before but you want to write a research paper that looks at the subject in a new light.  You also want to pick a topic that won’t be boring because your instructor has probably heard the same essay on the same topic over and over again, so you might want to ask what has been done before to avoid doing the same thing. 

Sports Research Topics

  • Do you think player’s salaries and the price of tickets have impacted professional sports negatively?  This kind of question is on everyone’s mind, especially fans of the sports that pay for the tickets. 
  • Should athletes take responsibility as role models for kids?  With all the kinds of trouble that some athletes get in, do you think that they should be held more accountable because they are role models to kids?
  • Do your think instant replay should be available to all sports?  Instant replay in football helps the referees figure out if there was a plenty or something else should be called during the plays.  If other sports had this do you think it would help the game?   
  • Since college athletes are just as valuable and famous as professional players, should they get paid too?  This is a hot topic with many people because they believe that they deserve money like their professional counterparts but most college athletes get full rides at the school, which kind of even outs the argument. 
  • Since we are on the subject of college athletes, do you think the GPA of college athletes should be higher and be enforced for eligibility?  This subject is more about the athlete’s education because most of them are on scholarships at the schools for sports and will lose it if they don’t do well in school.
  • Women in sports: some do a have special league for woman but do you think that professional leagues that don’t, should allow women to play?  This is more of an equality topic for women but you can argue both ways on this subject.
  • Steroids and performance enhancing drugs, should they be banned completely or be regulated by the leagues?  Lots of athletes are guilty of doing this and they have been caught but do you think allowing them to use them in moderation and under supervision would help or hurt the sports.  

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