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5 Great Tips On How To Make A Research Paper Presentation

Most people are more confident writing than they are about saying the same thing. Ask a lover to propose and he will feel shy; ask him to write a love letter and he is more likely to phrase it. Likewise, writing a research paper may be cumbersome, but for many; its presentation is a harder pill to swallow. Here are tips to help you make a credible research paper presentation.

  1. Sequence of slides – The slides you will present should be sequential and moreover, should lend energy and gravity to the subject as it progresses. The method and order of the slides will give you the confidence to state things about the same. Do not experiment too much with the slides; but in the same vein, do not leave them dry.
  2. Dress rehearsal – Now if you suffer from stage fright (most people do), it is better to practice a dress rehearsal in front of family members or close friends. Go on practicing your D-day statements till you are fairly confident you can deliver it. Try the Lighthouse effect; moving your eyes from one corner of the room to the other. This will help you cover the entire room without staying at a certain place (it breeds incoherence).
  3. Create outline slides – Pick up the emphatic points of your research paper and create outline slides about the same. Mention to the audience what you will cover through your presentation and then analyze and comment on outline slides as you progress. Moving from one slide to another would be progressive and enhance your confidence level. If you feel lost; just give an askance eye at the slides to remember what you are talking about.
  4. Use your breaths – Great speakers know how to talk; but more than that; they know when to stop. Stopping is an instinctual decision; not merely outlined by the full stops. Whenever you feel you have said something emphatic; give the audience a moment or two to absorb it. Use the time to take a few deep breaths and process your thoughts in an organized way. Breath control helps in rise of confidence.
  5. Making a compact research presentation – Back your opinions and statements with powerful reasoning and effective slides. The audience should understand what you are standing for with the research paper. You should then progress towards a systematic conclusion, which offers solutions relevant to the topic. Follow that with a question and answer session; remaining composed and relieved. Don’t fidget if you come across tough questions. It is human to be ignorant about certain sections even on topics you feel authoritative about. Do not try hard to impress the audience. Be yourself.

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