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Great sources with finance research paper topics

Choosing a topic for your finance research paper is easier than you think. You know that determining the right topic is one of the hardest parts of writing a paper. Can’t your professor just choose a topic and make you write about it? Well that is probably not ideal either since one part of having a good topic is finding one that interests you. If your professor tells you what to write about, you could be stuck writing about a topic that puts you to sleep faster than watching paint dry.

Your topic should not only interest you but it should have enough information on it to complete your paper. If you choose a super narrow topic with only one or two sources, you may struggle to write a ten page paper on the topic. Also if you find a topic with millions of sources, it may be hard to narrow the main points to the three or so you need to write your paper. So choosing a topic that is specific but not too specific is important. If you find your topic is too broad, choose a sub topic.

Where do you find great topic ideas?

One of the first places to look is in your textbook. You can start in the table of contents because it gives your broad topics. Another great place to look is in those colored sections that tell you stories about various corporations. This is probably what you skipped over when you were reading. These sections usually feature information on real companies that applied the various skills that your text is talking about. You can choose a main topic, and then skim for these sections. It is one way to find a great topic.

A second place to look is in a finance magazine. Financial magazines feature a whole bunch of articles that you can write about. These are great for getting ideas because they are smaller reading sections that you can get a little background on your topic before choosing it. They also feature a variety of popular current events that may interest you.

A third place to look for topic ideas is on the internet. There are a few different websites that will give you specific ideas on the various topics that you can write about in your subject. The only problem with using this source is that you won’t already have one source out of the way.

Finding topics to write about for your finance research paper are not hard to find at all. In fact, you have been holding onto your best resource all year, your textbook.

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