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20 good topics for psychology research papers

If you need psychology research paper topics consider the following:

  1. It is acceptable for men to be given paternity leave if women are given maternity leave?
  2. Are parents abusing ADHD as an excuse for bad behavior?
  3. Is our society influencing negative body images?
  4. Is photoshop harmful for our body image?
  5. Should girls be given different treatment in sports than boys?
  6. In what ways does child rearing matter?
  7. Do nice people have different brains than mean people?
  8. In what ways does boy decoration exemplify a culture?
  9. Should beauty contests be alleviated?
  10. Does feminism encourage man bashing?
  11. Is there any correlation between birth order and achievement in school?
  12. Is there correlation between birth order and creativity?
  13. Is there correlation between birth order and behavioral problems?
  14. Is gambling considered a serious addiction the same as drugs?
  15. Should courts give fathers the same rights as mothers in child custody cases?
  16. Are working mothers discriminated against when they seek flexible hours?
  17. Are there differences between children raised by a mother who stayed home versus a mother who worked?
  18. What causes road rage in patient people?
  19. In what ways do men and women communicate non-verbally?
  20. Is attachment parenting bad?

Here is the main checklist for writing an essay

Have you?

  1. Written a clear and accepted title at the top of the paper?
  2. Paragraphed your essay?
  3. Cited all sources?
  4. Answered the essay questions?
  5. Used at least 5 quotes?

In General, Avoid the Swamp of Published Criticism

You should not try to look at very many pieces of inquiry when finding a simple solution. You should also accept that you are not perfect. You will make some mistakes in one way or another. This is an important part of the learning curve that you should accept. You should only use literature materials to narrow your idea on what you really want to achieve. You should also do the best you can to find essay topics that are easy to you. These topics should be very easy to understand. Here are some topics that you can use in your essay.

  • What is the real impact of environmental activism in today‚Äôs world
  • The characters of Bassanio and Antonio in the Merchant of Venice
  • A look at why people commit suicide
  • The rules and guidelines of marriage in the 19th century
  • Impact of spoken word to the current generation
  • A look at African literature

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