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Ecology topics for a research paper: ecology disasters and possible solutions

The evidence for climate change is staggering. Even people in their late twenties are old enough to have been cognizant of a time when the temperature was different and weather systems were less violent or confined to specific parts of the planet. Regardless, the concept has many detractors who explain it away as either an inevitable natural phenomenon or completely harmless and blown out of proportion. It makes for excellent research to ecology students however and here’s why:

It affects everyone

This makes it great for the type of research that draws in readers from outside of the immediate field of study. That’s how knowledge spreads from the field of academia to the rest of the public.

It’s topical

Politicians, particularly those in developed nations tend to bicker over this topic based on their own political affiliations. This is the kind of research that can easily get funded as a result.

It relates well to other topics

Climate change has an impact on many aspects of ecology and even for aspects of other fields that appear unrelated.

The following topics would be great for research into possible ecological disasters. Many are obviously related to climate change and for some of the others the relationship is more tenuous. In any case, they can all be used to inspire great research.

  • Natural Building Techniques: How Green Multi-Unit Housing Solutions can Reduce Squatting on Reserve Land
  • No oil, No problem: Curbing oil spills by replacing oil
  • Allergies on the rise: Can natural pesticides and fertilizers decrease the harmful impact of agriculture on the planet?
  • The Nuclear Scourge: How can solar, wind and geothermal sources reduce the risk of major disasters?
  • Fish Feminization: A case for greater use of naturopathic medicine to curb marine exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Why Hemp can save the world from deforestation in less than a decade
  • Life at sea: A case for building Eco-friendly cities at sea
  • Rethinking Recycling: Why landfills are a concept whose time has gone
  • Radical Changes: Will banning plastics save the planet?
  • Breeding Bees: How to battle the recent die-off from the supply side

Ecology may not be the ‘sexiest’ of sciences but the research done by today’s researchers may end up inspiring the changes to our way of life that give this generation’s children a shot at a livable future..

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