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Writing APA Research Paper: Finding A Great Template To Use

Although APA is one of the most common forms of academic writing used in my schools, the format can be confusing.  While once you get the format down, then writing your research papers will be easier but before that you need to learn the format.  Reading a book can do this or websites that show you how to do it but it might still be confusing.  That is when you can turn to templates to help you write your research paper.  This will show you how it is suppose to be set up and where everything needs to go once you start writing.

Where To Find APA Templates

  • You probably already have Microsoft Word on your computer but did you know that it has APA templates built in and if you can’t find them on there, you can download them from the Microsoft website.  Using one of these templates is easy because it is already in your software and you don’t have to reference one found online.
  • Most schools like colleges and universities keep updated templates of APA research papers online for their students.  You school might have one or check on other school site to see what you can find.
  • Writing Commons is a great site if you are going to write anything.  They have all the information that you would need to write an essay or paper.  They have samples and templates on their site that will help you write your APA research paper.
  • If you have a older version of Word and the other templates won’t download to your software then try Sworps Tennessee.  They have templates for Word 93-2007 that are for APA style.
  • If you don’t have Microsoft Word then you can use APA sample papers for sites like Owl English Purdue to help you write your APA research paper.  It won’t be easy because you will constantly be look at the sample to figure out if you are doing it right but it’s better than having nothing to help you write it.
  • The last place you can get templates that are in APA is from software, like Reference Point Software.  This software gives you templates of APA and MLA and is compatible with Microsoft Word, Open Office, Libre Office, and Neo Office.  This software is more for students that don’t have Microsoft Word because they are easy to find online but this software offers templates for other applications.

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