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A manual for composing interesting topics for research papers

When you’ve been assigned a research paper for one of your classes at school, the first thing you’ll notice is that finding or creating an interesting topic is one of the hardest parts. Yet you need to spend the time choosing a great topic so you can be on your way to a more successful paper. Where would you start looking for research paper topic ideas?

Start looking for interesting topic ideas

Some of the places where you may find good topic ideas include:

  • Your school textbook. You can check the table of contents as well as the glossary at the back. See what main topics are discussed as well as what terms are defined.
  • Find out what’s happening locally in your community or city, or search news articles to see what’s happening nationally or globally. Current events make good topics because they are new, people are usually buzzing about what’s happening and most people are interested to know about the news.
  • Look in science magazines. There are great topic ideas as well as interesting breakthroughs in science or technology.
  • Browse the internet for some research topic ideas.

Once you have found and written down some general topic ideas for your research paper, it’s time to take those ideas and start composing some topics. You do this by brainstorming and thinking about a unique angle to the topic to make it original. As you are doing this part of the process, remember that you will have to find enough supporting evidence to back up your claim or to support your statement.

Some examples of interesting topics

Compare and contrast essays:

  • Two ways to establish a new habit
  • Two late-night talk show hosts
  • Two professional athletes
  • The Toyota Camry sedan and the Toyota Camry hybrid

Narrating events essays:

  • A moment of failure
  • A strange job interview
  • An encounter with something frightening
  • A broken friendship

Argumentative or Persuasive essays:

  • People are overly dependent on technology
  • Privacy is not a human right
  • Dieting makes people fat
  • Cursive writing is a lost art

Each of the above examples is a topic idea, a broad base on which to craft an interesting topic. For example, in “Two late-night talk show hosts”, you would need to select 2 specific hosts to compare and contrast. It’s not unusual to need to do a little bit of research to make sure there’s enough supporting evidence for the specific examples you’ve chosen.

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