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How to Write a Perfect Term Paper Paragraph

In the past, most students have been told a paragraph can be 4-6 sentences long, and sometimes longer. A paragraph should be as long as it needs to be, and not longer. In a Term paper, a paragraph needs to cover what the topic/subtopic needs to have covered. In other words, a paragraph needs to basically be an essay in and of itself. This is what will be explained in this tutorial, and shown how to write one.

  1. Paragraph Equals a Mini-Essay
  2. 4 Sentence Paragraph
  3. 6 Sentence Paragraph
  4. 8 Sentence Paragraph

Paragraph Equals a Mini-Essay

Once the introduction and any other parts requested by the instructor, it is time to work on the Body. The paragraphs here need to be totally encompassing of the topic/subtopic. In that they completely relay what the student is writing about. The first paragraph should cover the topic, and any afterwards, cover the subtopics. It is known, this cannot always be done, but this is the rule of thumb to start with. Especially on longer essays, or on topics that the information is just too in-depth, the work on portions of the topic, not changing to a subtopic.

4 Sentence Paragraph

In a four sentence paragraph, the breakdown is very simple, and easy to do.

  1. 1st Sentence; Topic sentence, this covers what the topic/subtopic is about. If the topic is being broken into parts, but not going to subtopics, then this sentence will tell what that portion is.
  2. 1st Evidence; Here the student will show why the first sentence is valid, with quality evidence. Get the paragraph start right by showing a reference or something that validates the topic.
  3. Back up 2nd Sentence; Explain why this evidence is valid, and show the reader how it connects.
  4. Conclusion; Close the paragraph just as one would an essay. Make sure this paragraph is closed and no loose ends. If need to, close what can be, and lead it into the next paragraph.

6 Sentence Paragraph

This is just like the 4 sentence, but more informative.

  1. Topic Sentence.
  2. 1st Evidence.
  3. Back up 2nd Sentence.
  4. 2nd Evidence; Bring out another piece of evidence that supports the topic sentence. This can be a piece of research the student has done, or another reference.
  5. Back up the 4th Sentence; just like the third sentence, but back up the second evidence.
  6. Conclusion.

8 Sentence Paragraph

This is just like the 4 and the 6 sentence paragraph, but add another two lines, 3rd evidence, and back up the 3rd evidence. Then, like the others, bring in the conclusion.

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