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A Manual for Composing Great Physiology Research Paper Topics

Physiology papers are all about how the body processes and responds to different things we ingest, inhale, consume, interact with physically, and certain physiological workings inside of our bodies as well. By definition, physiology is the study of the normal functions of living creatures – so you can extend these projects beyond just the human (unless you are discussing only human physiology) and address animals, mammals, birds, fish, etcetera if you are allowed.

You’ll Need a Very Narrow Thesis Statement

So this is a huge arena of possibilities and the difficulty with this subject wil be deciding upon just one and creating a very narrow thesis statement through which to analyze or inform your reader about the issue.

Your Conception of Audience

In research papers of this magnitude, you’ll want to assume your audience is a group of educated professionals (like your instructor) who already knows and understands the bodily issue you are going to discuss. Rarely is your job solely to inform in college or graduate school or AP High School. Typically, you’ll be asked to analyze some theory within physiology and then create a unique angel from which to approach the topic, putting your theories into dialogue with other scholars.

Narrow Topics for a Physiology Essay that You Can Use

  1. Heroin has recently experienced a huge resurgence in society and there have been countless issues of overdoses and poisonings from ingredients such as rat poison as well. Heroin addicts rarely recover.What are the physiological effects of heroin that make recovery so difficult in your opinion?
  2. Discuss the physiology of the dolphin and what makes this animal unique.
  3. Discuss evolution in the light of what we know physiologically about primates, the Neanderthal, and humans.
  4. Discuss the physiological functions of the ileocecal valve.
  5. Discuss the physiological effects of the depression of the repertory system.
  6. What are the physiological effects of long term alcohol dependence?
  7. Are humans a diverse species of primate? What physiological evidence suggests or refutes this?
  8. What is the physiology of tetanus disease?
  9. Discuss the physiology of coral reefs and /or sea turtles.
  10. Discuss the physiological effects of dehydration.
  11. Discuss how the metabolism responds to changes in physiology.
  12. Discuss three or more effects of the environment on physiological processes.
  13. Discuss the physiology of hearing/seeing.
  14. Discuss the physiology of eyes/ears.

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