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How to write a good qualitative research paper

A qualitative research paper is based on qualitative data which is data collected based on human responses rather than statistical information. The collection of this data can be a long process but it is worth it because the information that is gathered ends up being more substantial and meaningful for the audience. Quantitative data is not always easy to interpret because it is just a series of numbers and statistics. This type of information is important but you may get more out of qualitative data because it explains the information.

There are specific measures that have to be taken in order to write a successful qualitative research paper. These methods will show you how to set up the research paper and how to make the most out of you data. Here are the methods that you should follow.

  1. Determine the main objectives
  2. This would include how the subjects will participate in the study and how you will make your observations. You may want to conduct the study along with the other participants. It will give you an insight to how the research is being handled.

  3. Collecting the data
  4. Based on what you plan to investigate, you will need to find a way to collect your data. There are several different methods that you can use. You can choose to investigate a culture by describing a theory that group believes or strive to understand how different people communicate.

  5. Determine patterns
  6. The next step is to find patterns so that you can start to draw conclusions from your research. This step can include all of the different methods that you have used.

  7. Analyze your data
  8. You would want to start analyzing the data that you have collected. You can use interpretation methods that you have learned in school to start and make generalizations about the information that you have collected. This will be the main part of your paper.

  9. Organize your data
  10. One great way to start to organize your data is to create an outline. You want to start putting your observations into a cohesive paper so an outline will help you get to this point.

Once your outline is complete, you can begin your writing. This paper should be written like any research paper except you will present your own data along with other sources to prove your thesis.

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