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Sports Research Paper Topics That Deserve Your Attention

When you need to find an interesting topic for a research paper on sports, you will have to get creative. This task may be very easy for you if you are genuinely interested in some kind of sport or sports event. However, if this isn’t your area of expertise, choosing an interesting topic that you can turn into a good essay will be rather difficult.

Here are a few suggestions you can use in this situation:

  1. Steroids in sports.
  2. There is plenty of material available on this subject. You can write a case study paper based on some famous story or focus on the physiological aspects of steroids. If your passion is economy, you can write a paper about how the steroid sports scandals affect the teams financially.

  3. Bureaucratization of sports organizations.
  4. Explain what the process of bureaucratization is and how it affects sports as a whole.

  5. Sports education in private and public schools.
  6. Gather some relevant data that will allow you to determine how social class affects children’s sports education. Compare the existing systems and offer tips on how to improve them.

  7. Golf as a symbol of social class.
  8. Look into this sport and explain its history. Identify the reasons that made golf a “pastime for the rich.” Try to determine how this sport will be affected if more people can practice it.

  9. Sports barriers for disabled people.
  10. You can focus on one particular kind of disability, and offer some ideas on how to allow people suffering from it to practice some sport. If you want to take a more generalized approach, write about the Paralympic Games and their effects on society as a whole.

  11. Does co-education in P.E. class make girls feel unequal?
  12. Analyze P.E. class curriculums and determine whether being subjected to this particular amount of physical strain is good for a girl’s body. Explain the differences between male and female capabilities and determine whether co-ed P.E. classes really are a good thing.

  13. The role of sports in shaping the model of female beauty.
  14. Analyze the changes in model beauties over the centuries, and connect them to the socially accepted stance towards sports in that time period.

  15. Bodybuilding for women.
  16. Take a stance on the subject and tell the world what you think about the matter and why. Be sure to gather some medical evidence to support your arguments.

These topics do not require any specialized knowledge in the field and can be easily researched, even by a person who has no experience with sports.

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