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Where To Go Looking For A Sample APA Style Psychology Research Paper

When you are in high school, you will have to begin to learn different refernecing styles. Why? Because you need to be citing different sources that you have used to write your research paper! One of these styles is known as APA, which stands for American Psychology Association. Obviously, it would be a good idea for you if you just look for some good examples and use it for your own reference. However, you might ask where can you find these examples? The answer is simple and I will guide you through this:


The good old library would probably be one of the best places to start. It has got pretty much everything you need there and most importantly, it is free of charge in most cases (definitely free is you are a university student!). You will find out that you are learning a lot more in the library because of the diversity of books you can find there! It’s certainly a good place to start looking for your psychology research paper.


If you were not a big fan of the library (I know that feeling, I don’t really like it either!), then going on your laptop and just look things up on the search engines would be a smart move. It’s very convenient and the Internet has everything there, probably even more than the library! The only real issue about the Internet is that the resources may not be credible and it may not be worthy for writing academic research papers. So bear that in mind. However, you can always go to academic websites, where all the articles there are peer-reviewed and you can use them whenever you want. It’s certainly a good place to start for your research paper!

Buy them – if you are desperate

This is completely optional and unless you are very desperate, you shouldn’t really be paying for samples. Paying for it could cost you $25 per sample, which is quite a lot of money! But you might have to spend it if you really can’t find what you need. Also, you are going to need to be given a reading list by your lecturer if you wish to purchase samples; otherwise, you could be buying something completely random and off topic, so beware! One thing is guaranteed though and that is the quality and you should be given a choice to refund it anytime!

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