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Get Some Inspiration: A List Of Research Paper Topics

Many students dread the research paper because it is difficult to come up with fresh ideas for your paper. There are so many ideas out there but most of them have already been done before, that students don’t know where to start to get their ideas. That is when you can try some different ways to come up with ideas. Some students like to read random news to get ideas. There are new ideas out there in the news that students might not have thought out before.

Another way is that you can read journals and other academic papers to get some ideas as well. This will show you new research that has already been done on various subjects that you can use to compose a different paper. The point of a research paper is to take a topic and explain it to your audience. You have to know you audience and know the best way to explain it to them. If you do this, it will make your paper better than all of the rest. If you can’t find a research paper topic then these topic should give you some different ideas that you can use for your research paper.

Research Paper Topics

  • Alcatraz: You have probably heard about the famous prison that once housed Al Capone for tax evasion and other harden criminals but if you look at the history or certain events that happen there you could come up with an interest topic. For example, did anyone ever escape from there?
  • Skateboarding: Skateboarding has been around for years but how was it invented and how has is changed since the sport first came onto the scene.
  • Computer Viruses: We all have a general idea of what a computer virus is but how can one infect your computer and what does it do a computer once it is infected? You look at the different computer viruses and how they effect your computer.
  • Cats And Dogs: Most American households have at least one cat or dog but how did these animals become domesticated? Also what was the purpose of them being domesticated in the beginning? I say this because they probably had a purpose when they were first domesticated. It was probably rodent control for cats and dogs where probably for protection purposes. Do the research and find out everything you can about this subject.

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