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How To Compose An APA Style Research Paper Reference Page Correctly: Basic Hints

A reference page is the last thing in your research paper and is supposed to give the necessary information to your audience for finding the sources and retrieving the data you have used in your paper. It is important because each source you include in your paper needs to be a part of this page and all the entries should be cited in your text. This encourages future researchers and helps your professors to review the sources you have used to support your stance. If you are to write your research paper in the APA style then you should also write the reference page in this format. This article will help you in writing your reference page following the American Psychological Association style.

Basic hints for writing a reference page in APA style

According to the APA style, your reference page should be like the following.

  1. You should start this page on a new blank document at the end of your paper. The title of this paper should be references and must be on the top. You do not have to bold, underline or do anything with the title and leave it as is in a regular font. All the entries on this page need double spacing like the rest of your paper.
  2. You need to do the hanging indentation on your reference page, this means that each line in your paper apart from the first entry, needs to be half inch indented from the left side margin.
  3. The name of the authors in your paper need to be in inverted commas.
  4. All the entries in your paper need to follow the alphabetical order considering the last name of the author of each work.
  5. If an author has more than one citations because of different works then you can use the chronological order to include the entries.
  6. You should never change or abbreviate or edit the titles of the journal in your paper. Do not change the punctuations or contractions even if you think they are not appropriate.
  7. All the major words in the title of the journal should be written in capital words.
  8. If the work is longer and the title is lengthy then you should consider to write it in italics.
  9. You should not use italics, commas, quotations or anything when writing the titles of shorter works.

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