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The 20 Best Controversial Research Paper Topics To Get You Inspired

If you are not afraid to raise controversial topics, here are some that can make for a great research paper.

  1. Freedom of speech or freedom of offense?
  2. Use the recent Charlie Hebdo case to discuss whether freedom of speech is often misused in the present world, and whether it is doomed to conflict with freedom of religion. Can killing a person for offending your religious beliefs ever be justified? What measures can or should governments take to prevent tragedies like this one?

  3. ISIL.
  4. Explore the emergence of this terrorist state. Should any world powers, or their mistakes in resolving the Syrian conflict, be blamed for it?

  5. Ukrainian crisis.
  6. Evaluate the U.S. policy in resolving the Ukrainian crisis. Is the Western world winning or losing from it?

  7. Arab spring.
  8. Did the recent democratic revolutions in Middle East countries benefit their inhabitants, or just the opposite?

  9. Palestinian conflict.
  10. Who is to be blamed for the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine? How can this conflict be settled?

  11. Religious prejudice in the U.S.
  12. Is there actually a prejudice against Muslims in our society? Do ordinary people tend to blame all Muslims for what Islamic terrorist organizations have done?

  13. Racial discrimination – is it undefeatable?
  14. Refer to the Ferguson case. What role did racism play there? What does it tell us about the efficiency of anti-discrimination laws and policies?

  15. Guantanamo prison.
  16. Explore the history of this infamous institution. Explain the reasons that it still operates, despite multiple protests made by human rights activists. Conclude whether it should be eventually shut down or not.

  17. Will the U.S. remain the dominating world power?
  18. Analyze the current geopolitical situation and economic trends, and give a well-grounded answer.

  19. Is a multi-cultural society a utopia?
  20. Income inequality.
  21. Is the gap bridging or growing?

  22. Is Communism ever possible?
  23. Consider the role of new technologies such as 3D-printing that can cut manufacturing costs virtually to zero and hence put an end to the market economy as we know it.

  24. A future without jobs?
  25. Space programs vs. fighting poverty.
  26. Should we spend less on space exploration and more on feeding the hungry?

  27. Sustainable energetics – salvation or myth?
  28. How dangerous is artificial intelligence?
  29. Should we be allowed to modify the genome of our children?
  30. Can technological advancement completely end poverty?
  31. Should the legal age be raised or lowered?
  32. Transhumanism.
  33. Is this newly-born doctrine dangerous to our society? Is it actually as realistic and science-based as it claims to be?

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