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A List Of Original Term Paper Topic Ideas That Will Come In Handy

When it is time to actually write a paper, many students are stuck on finding a topic for their assignment. Rather than waste time on creating a new topic, students can use original term paper ideas that they find online. The following list contains some of the best ideas for term papers.

  1. How do new Walmart stores impact the local economy?
  2. What impact has marijuana legalization had on Colorado and Washington?
  3. Does social media improve or worsen existing social relationships?
  4. Should felons be allowed to vote or hold office?
  5. Should animal abuse be punished as strongly as human abuse cases?
  6. What are the legal justifications for saying the pledge of allegiance in school?
  7. How do air conditioning systems impact human health?
  8. Does modern art require talent?
  9. How can parents protect their children from online predators?
  10. What are ways to strengthen laws regarding cyber bullying?
  11. How does journalism support the functioning of a democracy?
  12. Did alcoholism increase during Prohibition?
  13. Should military service be mandatory?
  14. What are the ways that a computer virus is spread?
  15. How does illegal downloading effect the music industry?
  16. What is a day in the life of a Buddhist monk like?
  17. How does cigarette smoking impact human health?
  18. What are some of the effects of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I?
  19. How did the dog come to be a domesticated animal?
  20. Why is the United States a supporter of Israel? How has this effected the US's foreign policy initiatives?
  21. What are some of the factors that make a platypus a completely unique animal?
  22. What is Second Wave Feminism?
  23. What are some of the most creative ways to combat global warming?
  24. How did call and response music from slavery days influence the creation of jazz?
  25. What caused the Darfur conflict to develop?
  26. How are beehives organized socially?
  27. What are the implications of the Patriot Act?
  28. How has modern weaponry change how war is conducted?
  29. What caused women to enter the workplace in the 1960s?
  30. Who were the creators of hip-hop?
  31. Is the human species still evolving?
  32. How did Charles Darwin justify his theory of evolution? Was he correct?
  33. Was there a conservative movement and a liberal movement during the 1960s?
  34. Do texting acronyms and online communication weaken teenage literacy?
  35. What are some of the efforts used in protecting endangered species?
  36. What are the factors that allowed ISIS to develop?
  37. Why are Israel and Palestine always in conflict with each other?
  38. How much does the war on drugs cost? Has it been effective at reducing drug problems in the United States?
  39. How did the women's suffrage movement improve the status of women in America?

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