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Help Me Write A Term Paper On Transformational Leadership: Simple Guidelines

Transformational leadership is a popular psychological theory of nowadays. This leader type makes his or her followers improve their performance for the sake of common goals, and this is being done through inspiring them, finding individual and creative approach, and serving as an ideal role model for them. Even though the term of transformational leadership sounds like too complex for understanding, it can successfully be used as an interesting subject for academic papers of different levels, including term papers. If you follow the simple guidelines provided below, you will manage to create a strong term project on the issue.

  • Pick a topic.
  • Remember that your topic should be narrow enough, manageable, and researchable. Therefore, choose to explore the issue in a specific niche. For example, you may write about transformational leadership in the nursing practice or in business. It is also possible to analyze the effectiveness of this method and look for advantages and disadvantages of applying it in real enterprises.

  • Conduct research.
  • At first, find some general information on transformational leadership. Look through the recent articles and books on the required topic. Take notes or photocopy materials that will be used in your term paper.

  • Organize your sources.
  • You will definitely find lots of useful materials about transformational leadership both in offline sources (scientific journals, books, newspapers, and magazines) and in online sources (the World Wide Web.) Decide which materials will be used at first, and arrange them in the most logical order.

  • Organize your paper.
  • Make an outline. It should consist of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

    • Your introduction should explain what your term paper will be about. Remember to share your specific thesis statement in the opening paragraphs of your writing.
    • The body of your paper should be logically organized. Use headings and subheadings if necessary. Provide enough details to prove your position.
    • Summarize all your ideas in the conclusion. Restate your thesis in different words.
  • Write your project.
  • Write a first draft. Ask your teacher for help if any problems occur. Be careful to follow the style requirements:

    • Use simple sentences and not long paragraphs. Remember that even the most intricate issues, like the concept of transformational leadership, may be explained in simple words. Your writing should be easy to understand even for non-experts in the field.
    • Write in an active voice.
    • Stick to the main points of your outline and don’t get distracted from your thesis statement.
  • Edit your writing and print it out.

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