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Interesting Topics to Write a University Research Paper on

When a student has to choose a topic for a university research paper, he or she may feel a little puzzled. On one hand, there is a great variety of topics to choose from. On the other hand, there is always a possibility to make a mistake in choosing one of them, and then get stuck and become unable to formulate the thesis statement or find necessary sources of information. It is also probable that a topic that looks promising at first unexpectedly turns out to be boring and tedious to investigate. It goes without saying that if the research paper topic bores its creator, it will be even more boring to its target reader.

So, when you start choosing a topic for a university research paper, follow the set of simple steps in order not to make a mistake that will stunt the process and affect your grade:

  • Choose the area that really interests you.
  • Make sure there is enough information to complete the research.
  • Check whether you have enough time to research the topic in full, otherwise narrow it down.
  • Make sure that the topic presupposes elements such as question, theme, and problem.

To get started, study this list of research paper topics that may give you some ideas of what direction to move towards:

  1. Alcohol abuse.
  2. Is personal degradation caused by alcohol treatable with music therapy?

  3. Bullying in schools.
  4. What are the changes in bullying techniques brought on by information technologies?

  5. Censorship.
  6. Is it necessary for parents to check the list of books for additional reading?

  7. Discovery.

    Can Discovery channel programs substitute additional reading for biology classes?

  8. EBooks.
  9. Why can’t EBooks substitute paper textbooks?

  10. Food.
  11. Should genetically modified foods be forbidden in school canteens?

  12. Green Peace.
  13. What is the contribution this organization makes?

  14. Home cooking.
  15. Are family dinners necessary to bring harmony into family life?

  16. Immigration.
  17. Should immigrants study in comprehensive schools?

  18. Juvenile delinquency.
  19. What are the reasons for the growth of juvenile crimes at the beginning of the century?

  20. Ku Klux Klan.
  21. What are the reasons that brought on the appearance of racist organizations?

  22. Literacy.
  23. Should adults’ levels of literacy be tested regularly?

  24. Misbehavior.
  25. How should children be punished for misbehavior?

  26. Nitrate fertilizers.
  27. How do nitrate fertilizers affect the state of water in nearby water bodies?

  28. Organ donors.
  29. Should relatives of the deceased be given the right to choose the organ’s recipient?

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