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Finding impressive advertising research paper topics

It can be hard to choose the right topic for your research paper. The problem is not that you cannot choose a topic to research on, but that you need to stick to a certain subject. You may or may not like advertising as a subject, so it can depend whether choosing the topic was easy for you or hard. Sometimes you agree to a topic and are completely satisfied with it and you find out that it has been used by someone else already. It is a good idea to search for already preset research material on your subject so that your topic is not repetitive or monotonous for that matter.

How to get impressive advertising research paper topics?

If you want to get a research paper topic in advertising that is impressive and enables you to standout from the rest of the class then you will have to put in some dedicated efforts. This article talks about different approaches you can take to write the topic of your research paper in advertising.

Talk about a specific era/time in advertising

You can pick a decade or an era and talk about the advertising methods used back then. You can compare new advertising methods with the old ones and show which of them have stood the dust of time and are still applicable.

The standards set by ads

We see pretty faces, luxury houses, and huge cars in commercial ads of every product, how does this affect the working class? Does advertising show the true face of our population or does it hurt their emotions and makes them feel inferior?

Women as sex objects

Many companies use famous models and actors in their product advertisement campaign is short, skinny dresses and seductive poses. Do you agree that women are being used as a sex object in these ads? Do these campaigns only focus on the male demographics? How relevant these ads are to their product or service? You will find numerous examples of this in real life.

Advertising across the globe

Different countries advertise their products and services differently. The ad industry of a country shows a lot about its culture and people. Discuss the role of advertising in shaping a country’s social system and values.

Advertising appealing to ethos

There are ads of products that associate feelings of happiness, joy, achievement, pride and such to a certain product. Discuss the causes and effects.

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