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How To Create A Winning Research Paper On Table Tennis: Best Writing Techniques

Research papers are academic articles mostly written by scholars after collecting data on certain phenomena, doing an analysis, compiling the data and putting the findings into the paper. A well written research thus must follow the standard guidelines in order to perform its true purpose. The writer must search for information and facts concerning the topic he/she tends to write about to make the research paper a success.

Like other sports, table tennis has specific terms that have their meanings within the court used by the players and the officials moderating these matches. Thorough knowledge of these terminologies is important to enable a detailed research paper about the sport that can impress and not pushed over as being mediocre.

Terms like sets and serving have different meanings when used in tennis and this is an aspect that a researcher or a subsequent writer should know about.

After researching about these terminologies the writer must master the dexterity of putting them down with the right writing skills to match the essence of the information accrued.

Vivid description

The use of vivid descriptions as a writing technique engages the reader in such a way that he/she feels part of the story. It actually captivates and engages him so much that the sentences seem to have a chronological order and flow uniformly. To use this technique, a writer gives detailed information using comparison, contrast and even metaphors. Prolonged words and allusions may also be used.

Spark imaginations

The writer can also spice up such a paper by warming up the imaginations of the reader and sparking his/her imagination. The use of suspense and clich├ęs may well sum up the imaginative part of such a research paper.

Use of strong characters

A strong character like the use of legendary sportsmen is also a technique that can exacerbate the proficiency of a research paper on table tennis. A writer can create a strong character by describing him/her in detailed sentences that match certain skills needed to succeed in the table tennis arena.


This also is a technique that can work in the above research paper especially if the reader is someone who is a story enthusiast. The beauty of narration is that it engages the reader so much in such a way that he is carried away and at the end receives the information that the writer intended to be communicated.

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