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Example Topics For A Research Paper: Twenty Great Ideas From An Expert

If you’ve got a research paper to write, you may be struggling to come up with good topics. Well, they say the best place to begin is at the beginning, so firstly let’s look at the broad subject areas on offer as an example.

Research papers can fall into categories like these: business, legal issues, human behavior, education, the environment, religion, social issues, health etc., so if you have free reign over the area to focus on, be sure to pick a broad topic that interests you the most.

Once you’ve arrived at your broad theme, you’ll need to narrow it down even more. Thus, if you opt for health as the main subject, you may arrive at the topic of fast food causing obesity.

Here are my twenty great examples, covering various subjects, to help point you in the right direction:

  • Fast food may be a factor in causing obesity, but it is the individual consumer’s responsibility to care for their health.

  • Should there be a nationwide indoor smoking ban in the U.S?

  • How online addiction can cause similar addictive patterns to other things- such as cigarettes and alcohol.

  • Should Fairtrade policy be implemented globally?

  • Major charities like Greenpeace and UNICEF should become political parties.

  • Is it time to introduce a maximum wage in the U.S?

  • Abolishing the death penalty would be better for society all round.

  • Should infidelity be prosecutable across the U.S?

  • The endless possibilities of stem cells.

  • Should people be allowed to sell their organs?

  • What the God Particle means for science and humankind.

  • With one in four Americans suffering from depression, could the drugs being used to treat it actually be hindering?

  • Corruption in Big Pharma: profits over care.

  • Is anti-gravity propulsion possible?

  • Why is there so much division in religion?

  • Islam, Christianity and Judaism are essentially the same religion: The Abrahamic religion.

  • How much of a threat is ISIS?

  • How can we stop children being used as soldiers?

  • Why overpopulation is a myth.

  • The planned employment of eugenics.

Those are just a few suggestions to get you started. If you need more, then have a look through papers written by other students- you’ll find plenty of these in your campus library. See which subjects have been tackled and which most appeal to you, and make notes along the way. You can also find plenty of samples of essays and lists of subjects on the internet- but remember to visit established educational websites to ascertain you’re getting suggestions of the highest caliber!

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