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How To Write A Research Paper About Abortion: 5 Great Suggestions

Abortion is a sensitive and a controversial topic. Nations too are divided in their opinion with some Nations passing legislations in favour of and others against abortion. To write a research paper on this challenging issue is an adventure in itself. Here are 5 great suggestions to write a top-notch research paper to justify your standpoint on abortion.

  1. Selection of Topic: Be clear about the topic selected. The topic may be broad or specific, open-ended or closed. Put forth your arguments strongly emphasizing on points that strengthen your viewpoint. Arrange your arguments logically. Support your argument with evidence and statistics.

  2. Explore and research: Choose a clear aspect of the topic in hand that you are really interested in sharing thoughts with others. Gather exhaustive information and statistics pertaining to it. Perusal of earlier research studies will add clarity and credibility to your research.

  3. Follow these guidelines while writing the paper:
    • Basics are important: To express your idea in a clear and concise way and to impress upon the readers you must follow standard rules of grammar. There must be no spelling mistakes.

    • Know your audience base: Do not write in a manner that hurts people's religious sentiments and faith. Present the matter in the most conducive way agreeable to universal audience.

    • Stick to the facts: When you are not sure of a particular statement do not use it. Once you make an assertion, it must be backed up with argument and evidence. Pay due attention to references.

    • Fully document the original source: It should indicate the author, the name of the article, the publication, the date, and any further publication data. 

    • Never relate personal anecdotes: Resist the temptation to use them unless you think they are absolutely relevant.
  4. Prepare a rough draft: Identify your thesis. Give a title to it. Line up the main points of your argument supplying the factual evidence and then sum up your research in a conclusion. Benefit from the guidance expert advice and opinion of teachers who may make valuable additions to your research

  5. Perseverance is the key: Success in research comes by dint of hard work. Be creative and original in thought and presentation. Your topic and argument must be fresh and thought provoking to kindle reader interest. Be organized and focused. Do not stray from the original outline. Get it proof read by friends or classmates.

Follow these guidelines meticulously and embark on your great research paper on abortion.

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