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15 Fresh Research Paper Topics For High School Students

High school students are not generally required to carry potent and intrusive researches. Yet, it is equally necessary to sterilize them for future perils by pushing them in the right and comprehensive way.

A middle path

Agreed, they cannot be handed assignments that ask for tremendous resourcing and complicated Methodology. They may not be in a position to conduct outdoor experiments and they may not be financially equipped to take on the rigors. Therefore, their topics for extensive study have to be chosen carefully. You cannot rush through in your choice of topics.

Here are a few research topics that should interest a high school student –

  1. Level of pollution In New York City and ways to curb it – This would be a really dynamic and strategic topic to keep them busy.

  2. Finding ways to solve autism – Some of the students may have faced the problem directly. Time for reflection!

  3. Cleansing and maintenance of ponds – There are quite a few ways to ensure this at all seasons. They may make a start with swimming pools.

  4. Finding a brilliant way to exorcise the demon of Math – If only we knew about the perfect way!

  5. Checking out status of reform in convicted and now liberated Juveniles – They would perhaps be in a better position to do this.

  6. Finding a solution about landfills – This is a rising problem that will soon become a raging headache.

  7. How bad indoor air quality affects our lives – This is again a topic they can carry extensive study on.

  8. Are kids’ being impacted by too much exposure to sex and violence – Urge the kids to come up with exact numbers.

  9. Raising awareness about education in rural areas – Let them find the ground reality and then work on it.

  10. Is enough being done to protect endangered species – This is not exactly an assignment for kids; but still.

  11. Finding psychological reasons behind growth and blunting of a kid’s mind – They again are in a better position to reflect.

  12. Finding ways to safeguard against cyber-bullying – This is a matter of eminent knowledge for the upcoming generation.

  13. The importance of education technology – This is going to be huge in future; so find out their viewpoint.

  14. The versatility of 3D printing – In coming years, 3D printing will take over the design and making of buildings; even skyscrapers.

  15. Finding equation between disparate economies – Let them indulge in real-time calculations and find a sustaining answer to this riddle.

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